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Hunting Rente Impersonates FIFA Reform

A few years ago, no one thought that Gianni Infantino would replace Sepp Blatter as FIFA President. Infantino, the bald man, is not the favorite to occupy first place in the world football federation. There are many projected names. Infantiono is just an onion among these famous names. However, the riots of FIFA last year brought him to the highest level.

Infantino's decision to advance as a candidate for the FIFA presidency was also sudden. He was advancing one day before the deadline, in early October 2015. His candidacy was due to the non-appointment of UEFA President Michael Platini, who was under investigation for violation of the code of ethics.

It was well known that Infantino was Platini's right hand man.

Former Infantino, Infantino had been UEFA's general secretary since 2009. But their closeness was more than just the relationship between the president and the general secretary. Infantino even made Platini the godfather of his children. The appointment of the godfather has made their closeness worthy of family kinship.

When Platini was suspended from football for six years and there was no UEFA representation in FIFA's presidential exchanges, Infantino had to move forward. UEFA, which has been the biggest financial contributor to FIFA thanks to the progress of its football industry, certainly does not want to give up its power within FIFA.

Sheikh Salman, who fully supported the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and the African Football Confederation (CAF), has almost ruined UEFA's ambition. If combined, AFC and CAF will get 98 votes out of the 207 available.

The appearance of Infantino in the exchange is calculated correctly.

It turned out that UEFA could not count on anyone but himself. During Sepp Blatter, still in the lead of FIFA, the vote of the UEFA was divided in two: the followers of Blatter and those of Platini. The political map has now changed after the arrest and punishment of many of Blatter's people. As a result, EUFA support has been focused on Infantino, as well as on Platini followers of other confederations.

Infantino was finally selected at the congress in Zurich, Switzerland (27/02/2016). He won the second round of elections against Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa with a score of 115 votes to 88 votes.

Oliver Kay explained in his Times analysis that it was difficult for Asia and Africa to become new football leaders if FIFA was still run by Europeans or South Americans. Money flows from the Middle East and East Asia will still not be able to change this axis.

Because money wins everything

Infantino, 45, is a lawyer and senior politician. During his campaign, he did not hesitate to go around the world five times. He was not only a technocrat, but also intelligently played the heart of football politics: interests and money.

With mild spices, Infantino campaigned for various manifestos he wanted to implement in the FIFA body: financial transparency, good governance, and so on.

However, their constituents have been tempted by an assistance program of $ 5 million a year for the four years of his term. Confederation promised $ 40 million. This figure is double that of the Blatter diet. In addition, he is lending US $ 4 million to each region for the organization of a young tournament.

Many federations feel less satisfied with the current help. The distribution of billions of dollars from the sale of television rights and World Cup sponsorships has been viewed as uneven and has made many parties suspicious. Infantino came selling the idea of ​​equality. That's what makes him able to win the match against Sheikh Salman.