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Often Misunderstood from the Megapixel Camera

Social media is now an integral part of daily activities. Starting to eat, work and walk is written in clear discs. Sent in cyberspace as proof of your existence. Technology manufacturers are also competing to make high quality photography devices, particularly in the smartphone market.

So far, smartphone manufacturers who have regularly published the "selfie expert" series are Oppo. Recently, they launched the Oppo F5 with a 20-megapixel front camera specification and a 16-megapixel rear camera. The advantage of this series is claimed because it has integrated the intelligence technology developed by Oppo AI Beautify. Gunaya will provide a photographic experience under adverse lighting conditions.

In addition to Oppo, the Vivo V series has also conquered the smartphone market with the presence of Vivo V7 +. This phone is the first smartphone to equip a 24-megapixel front camera.

The last Huawei Nova 2i. The most important feature in photography is a four / quad camera, each of the two front and rear cameras with a 13 megapixel lens and a professional 2 megapixel camera lens.

The main lens uses the F2.0 lens aperture, this dual camera helps to "separate" the subject from the photo from the background and applies a blur effect. The blur effect in this Huawei device may be more accurate than a single camera system because it comes from a hardware.

"Our quality really exists in hardware, not just in big pixels," said Lo Khing Seng.
The director of the sales device, Huawei, answered Tirto's question Monday (05/11/2017).

Based on data from International Data Corporation (IDC), a global media, research and technology company, Huawei's sales in the third quarter exceeded those of mobile phones, with a 19-percent market share. , 4%. Followed by OPPO 18.8%, Vivo 16.4%, Xiaomi 13.7% and Apple 7.7%.

Megapixel problems on smartphones and DSLRs

What is the first thing to consider before choosing a new cell phone?

Peel, a technology sales company, provides answers based on the experience of US consumers. Nearly 61.7% of men and 60.9% of women choose the refinement of the camera as the main feature. And typically, the capabilities of a cell phone camera are identified with a megapixel camera.

In fact, the size of a megapixel is not a parameter of photography. High megapixels do not necessarily produce a smooth image. Try comparing the results of photos taken with a digital camera with a single-lens reflex digital camera (DSLR) and equivalent megapixels.

There are some things apart from the megapixel camera that can affect the quality of the image. Among them are censorship. This section is the most important aspect of the optical system because it captures the light. The light that penetrates through the lens of the camera is transmitted to the sensor to be translated into an electronic signal that is converted into an image by the processor. DSLR cameras have a larger sensor than a cell phone camera.

Nikhil Bhogal, a former camera software developer at Apple, said the quality of the pixels is more important than the number of pixels in the camera's sensor. It is therefore important to make pixels larger than to increase the number of pixels in a limited sensor cell phone space. For simplicity, he likens pixels to buckets, to light as rainwater and sensors, to a table where the bucket is sitting.

"It takes a big bucket to hold more water than having to put a few small buckets on a narrow table," said Bhogal.

When stuffing, many buckets, but the size of the table is not enlarged. So little rainwater is collected. This happens to many pixels that do not capture as much light as possible. This failure causes noise in the picture.