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Jose Mourinho, The Special Ego

In the ball did not go by chance (2009), Ferran Soriano, who in 2008 held the position of CEO of Barcelona, ​​told the perfect time to find a replacement, Frank Rijkaard. At that time, there were two choices: Josep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho is clearly a strong candidate. Compared to Guardiola who just started training, he has already won titles in England and Portugal, as well as titles in the European Champions League. However, Barcelona's choice eventually fell on Guardiola. The reason: they want to maintain their football philosophy and not be drawn into various scandals and riots in the media.

Oh, another reason: Jose Mourinho is a maniacal ego.

At that time, Marc Ingla, Vice President of Barcelona; and Txiki Begiristain, director of sports in Barcelona, ​​said that Mourinho insisted too much on words, but not on Barcelona, ​​who would succeed. There was a huge ego behind the Mourinho staff, which made his personal success more important than anything else. They then spoke about it to Soriano and Mourinho, soon forgotten by Barcelona.

About a decade after the incident, the nature of Mourinho has been totally unchanged. When the exploits of Mourinho began to collapse, his ego became one of the main factors behind the many defeats suffered by Manchester United. Finally, the Red Devils team was not even able to provide significant resistance when it fell to Liverpool 3-1 at Anfield on Sunday (11/9).

The tactical approach expires

After United's 3-1 defeat against Liverpool, Alan Shearer, the former England national striker, had an interesting opinion on United.

"At present, David De Gea is the only United player to appear in line with his potential," he said.

He certainly did not speak. Because, Nemanja Matic, United's defensive midfielder, who always seems always consistent, has also experienced a significant decline.

According to the Whoscored site, both in defense and attack, Matic was not as accurate as the previous seasons. In defense, Matic averaged only 1.1 interceptions and 1.7 tackles in each match. The previous season, he averaged 1.9 tackles and 1.8 interceptions each game.

In attacking, especially with regard to the successful dribel, which is one of the advantages of Matic, it has also declined. If, while playing with Chelsea during the 2014-2015 season - which is the best season of Matic in England - he has managed 54 successful dribbles, this season, Matic managed only 6 dribbles until the end of November 2018.

Martin Laurence, Whoscored analyst, then concluded in decline: Matic is not as fast as before.

Laurence's opinion is true. Facing Liverpool, Matic seems out of breath against Liverpool's agile, dynamic and aggressive midfielders. As a result, United's line of defense is not well protected. No wonder if in the match Liverpool managed 36 attempts for a goal.

From there, if we see it further, the decline of Matic is one of the main reasons why the goal of United has already conceded 29 goals in the Premier League.

Surprisingly, Mourinho chose to continue to rely on Matic. When United looked bad, he never risked his frustration with the Serbian midfielder. Instead, he chose to "keep fighting" with Paul Pogba, who could potentially save United's midfielder.

Therefore, when United really needed Pogba's creativity in the second half, Mourinho chose to give more power to the front lines including Martial. Mou chose to deify his ego rather than give the best to United. In fact, it is very difficult for United's midfield to drain the ball into Liverpool's defense area. Gary Neville, United's former right-back, did not even understand the decision of the Portuguese coach.