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An automatic scooter ("scooter") broadbody, said "bongsor", began paving the streets of Indonesia since last year. When the beginnings appeared, this huge scooter seemed strange because consumers already knew thin scooters that could aggressively explore traffic jams.

Slowly, this big scooter has managed to grab the attention of consumers. On paper, sales should not be smooth because of the economic gloom. However, the reality is the opposite. Sales of scooters have apparently increased, especially those of NMAX. In this segment, Yamaha outperformed Honda. Unfortunately, the benefits of this NMAX have to be largely offset by the erosion of sales of Yamaha Vixion.

Ready to exchange

Skutik bongsor has stolen the attention of consumers. They were willing to swap their thin motorcycle scooter with the big one. A lot of motorsport owners are changing their heart, as evidenced by several online ad sales sites.

"New Vixion for sale in December 2012 to replace NMAX"

"Bored edition bro, I want to replace NMAX The Yamaha R15 is almost completely changed I want to trade with NMAX, if possible, already with changes."

The same has been passed on by the secretary general of the Bandung NMAX community, Asep Heryana. Of the 800 or so members of the NMAX community, few have ever played motorsport. They switched to this big scooter for several reasons. First, convenience for activities inside and outside the city. Second, the excellence of the performance. Third, a sports body.

"If you use tourism, you are not tired, the speed is good and stable, if it's a question of relative prices, the performances are better than those of the competitors, the body is good. it's a motorcycle ninja, if you play motorsport, you're tired, "Asep told tirto.id, Monday (25/04/2015)

Joko has more or less the same story. The Go Jek pilot from Pamulang, in the south of Tangerang, has been using NMAX for 4 months. For the pleasure of a big scooter, he was ready to trade his favorite Yamaha Vixion sports bike for the new NMAX for his wife.

"The fact is that this bike is comfortable and a little more economical than Vixion," Joko said.

Based on the Automotive Driving Safety (IKB) survey results, the NMAX scooter was included in the 2016 IKB list. The survey, which covered 3,086 people from January to 29 February 2016, focused on aspects of the physical quality of vehicles, aspects of road conditions and driver behavior. other.

Three players

There are currently three main players in the Indonesian scooter market, namely Yamaha NMAX, Honda PCX and Suzuki Burgman 200. The Yamaha NMAX first appeared in Indonesia in early 2015 with a 155cc engine. This large skutik is offered at a price of 27.4 million IDR with an ABS braking system. Yamaha has called this motorcycle Ultimate Sports motorcycle.

Honda released the new PCX 150 cc in 2014. The price is higher than that of NMAX, consumers must spend 39.8 million rupees. For PCX, Honda still depends on imports.

While Suzuki presents Burgman who wears a 200cc engine. However, the price far exceeded its two main competitors reaching Rp. 54 million. As a result, Burgman sales were rather limited to 56 units for the period January to March 2016.

Yamaha has managed to stand out in this segment with a significant difference. Yamaha is not complacent and would have prepared the brother of NMAX. Unfortunately, Yamaha still keeps a scooter that will be equipped with a 250cc engine. Meanwhile, its competitors, Honda, would also be preparing the Forza 150 to fight NMAX, after PCX could not fight against the size of NMAX.